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Important Information


Lower Your Taxes by Purchasing a Business Vehicle

As we enter the final quarter of 2012, purchasing a new business vehicle may be an effective way to lower your 2012 tax bill.

Tax Calendar

Important Upcoming Tax Dates.

College Loan Repayment Plan Application Is Simplified

Federal college loan borrowers have several repayment plan options. One option—Income-Based Repayment (IBR)—is about to get simpler.

Fringe Benefit Rules for 2% S Corporation Shareholders

Employee fringe benefits paid on behalf of a 2% S corporation shareholder are subject to special rules. A 2% shareholder is one who owns more than 2% of the corporationís outstanding stock on any day of the corporationís tax year, considering direct and constructive ownership.

Noteworthy 2013 Healthcare Provisions

The 2010 Healthcare Act included several significant tax changes scheduled to take effect next year.